About Olsy

Olsy Sorokina grew up in scarcity of post-Soviet Russia, which may explain her desire to try everything.  She spent her university years learning about human cognition and artificial intelligence. Upon graduation, Olsy wanted to share her nerdy interests with the rest of the world, which is why she went on to pursue a career in digital journalism. She’s successfully pitched and produced stories about science and robots for a Vancouver radio news station, a CBC culture & technology show and a few arts magazines. When she’s not scouring reddit for the latest weird news, she’s probably learning data journalism and coding. Most recently, Olsy could be found at Hootsuite’s Vancouver nest, writing blog posts about social media (and robots, sometimes). Now, she’s somewhere in the 6, probably posting cat pictures on Twitter. Her polymathic tendencies make her great at writing anything that isn’t her own bio.

If you have a question for Olsy, drop her a line here