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Day 2: Regina to Lowe Farm

After scrubbing off some evidence of the insect massacre and enjoying our complimentary hotel breakfast (though not at the same time) the following morning, we got back on the road. The rest of Saskatchewan met us with familiar sights: fields of different shades of green and yellow, occasionally dotted with herds of ungulates. As we approached the provincial border, more hills and turns appeared in the road, with taller trees adding to the landscape.

Olsy at the wheel   

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Day 1: Calgary to Regina

My road trip narrative starts from the day we left Calgary. Over the past 11 years of living in Canada, I’ve done the Alberta-British Columbia drive a few times with stops in different towns. But I’ve seen nothing between Calgary and Toronto, these 3000-something kilometers that house historical significance and years of Canadian heritage – not to mention my friends’ hometowns I know by name, but have never visited.

Our original plan was to head out at dawn to avoid the heat, since we were looking at six hours of driving without air conditioning. The flatness of eastern Alberta and Saskatchewan posed a problem: while we could avoid direct sunlight on a mountain road, this wasn’t an option in the prairies. So we hit the road at 11, expecting to make a stop halfway for gas and lunch if we were hungry.


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Weird toilets and missing doorknobs: my love letter to Russia

Say you have a friend. You and this friend have known each other for a long time, and you know all of each other’s quirks and odd habits. And you know there’s a particular trait this friend of yours has that can be really, really annoying. Sometimes you complain about this annoying trait to others, but it’s not bad enough to be a dealbreaker when it comes to your friendship with this person; at the end of the day, all their positive qualities outweigh the annoying habit. And this is fine: you can complain from time to time, because you’re friends. But if anyone else ever mentions how annoying this friend of yours is, you get incredibly upset and go out of your way to defend their honour.

I don’t know how universal this experience is, but it seems that most people I asked have felt, at one point in time, like they alone had the right to diss something or someone, and got really offended if someone else did it in their presence.

This is the best way to describe my feelings about the trending topic of “Sochi problems.”

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